How can I fix funny eye colour when I remove the white background?

Here is a nice trick to correct eye or other parts’ colour after we remove the white background from an image:   Sometimes when we remove the white from an image we also remove the white from the eyes and other parts which is a problem if we have a colourful background. Here is a wayRead more

How to Ensure Your Child’s/Student’s Safety

Your child or student should not login to Ji Tap with your parent/teacher account, and they should only log in via a sub-account that you create for them. Make sure your students/children do not include too much revealing information about the themselves when they create games on Ji Tap. For example, if their first name is theirRead more

How can I add even more stickers to a slide if the app limits me?

Here is a nice trick to bypass the limited amount of stickers on one slide: Add all the stickers you need till the message “Way too many Layers” comes up. Organize your screen and leave room for additional images later. Click on ADD ACTIVITY than NEXT Do not add an activity on the slide, andRead more

Can I share / publish my students’ games?

Yes. Make the game public. In addition, you can share via Facebook, Twitter or email.Read more

How can I share my game?

Once you have created your game, a pop up appears asking if you would like to share your game. You can choose how to share from the choices available: to Facebook, Twitter or email.Read more

Can I keep my game private?

You can decide to make your game private after it has been created. Keep in mind that while a private game is unlisted and won’t appear in the search, people with the link will be able to play it.Read more

Can kids communicate with each other on the app?

No, they cannot chat. But they can ‘follow’ other users and ‘like’ other users’ creations. They can also give a star rating (1-5 stars) to games they’ve played.Read more

How does Ji Tap protect my kids from surfing the Internet / privacy?

There is a parental gate on the app for the following features: internet search, sharing with a friend, and app sharing.Read more

Can I use Android devices?

Ji Tap is no longer available as an Android app on Android devices.Read more

Can I use Chrome devices?

You can use only the desktop features in Chrome, so you can play the Ji Tap games. Certain Chromebooks allow you to create games on, using the CREATE button on the top menu.  Read more