Pesach iPad Workshop

This iPad workshop was created for use in a Jewish Studies class. The aim is to learn about Dayenu through 21st Century learning, motivating and engaging the students to think about what they appreciate about being Jewish. Sammy Morhaim, Ji’s UK Manager, designed this workshop for you. Download the PDF here.    Read more

New Personalized Homepage

Ji Tap now has a personalized homepage. Log in to our site or app, and you’ll see three new rows on the homepage: Assigned, Recently Played and From People you Follow. These personalized rows will appear when you’re logged in as long as they apply to you. If you don’t have any games assigned toRead more

Please Use our New Domain:

Ji Tap has switched to a new domain: Please make sure that you’re logged into the new domain when you’re trying to access the site. If you try to use the old domain, you will encounter many problems with the way games are playing. So make sure you’re on! Note: check the urlRead more