Steps to setting up your Ji Tap School Pro

1. The Administrative Step

Many administrators decide to take on all the steps themselves, however, this is not necessary and we provide you with the tools you need to take you, your teachers and students through each step.  Please be in touch with us if you have any questions:

  • Create Master Classes for the purpose of keeping track of student accounts.
    Our tip: group each grade in a class that is labelled with the year they will graduate.
    Note: once a class name is created it cannot be changed but classes can be deleted.
  • Create a Master Class for each grade in your school or one admin class and add all your students.
  • Use “upload full class” to add students in bulk (max 75 per batch)
    1. Download the CSV file and fill out the first 4 columns (first and last name, usernames and passwords).
      Do not fill the parent’s email.
    2. Save your file and upload it on the site.
      NOTE: Once you create a username it cannot be changed.
    3. Usernames need to be unique and should not include the students first and last name.  For example: My school is JDS and my student Chana Fogel: Username: cfogeljds
    4. Keep that file and share it with your teachers.
  • Unlock Pro: Once you have created all your student accounts you need to unlock the Pro subscriptions for those accounts. They now have access to all the locked games on the platform!
  • Get all your JS/Hebrew teachers to create a free account on and update our spreadsheet with their usernames.
    We will upgrade them.

2. The Teacher Step

NOTE: As the administrator you can choose whether you create your teacher accounts or whether you let teachers create their own accounts. 

  • Each teacher needs to Sign Up for their own Ji Tap account.
  • You can create as many classes as you want
  • After creating a class, a teacher “invites” students using usernames separated by commas.  Students can be invited to more than one class.
  • You can now assign homework to your students and track their results! Check out this video if you are unsure how to do it. 

3. Reaching Out to Students and Families

NOTE: As the administrator you can choose to accept all student invitations and do this step yourself or let the students accept their own invitations.

  • Each student must to log in to their account and join the classes to which they have been invited.
  • Students find the join link in their “account”.
  • Here is a video you can share with students so they can join their classes on a computer. If they are using iPads, use this video instead. 
  • You want to inform the parents and let them know about Ji Tap and how it will be used in school? Have a look at our sample letter you could copy-paste and share with your families.

Please be in touch with us if you have any questions: