How to Create a Family User Profile

This video will show you how to get started with Ji Tap by creating your user profile for your family.Read more

How to Assign Games and Track Progress

This tutorial shows teachers and parents how to assign games and track progress on Ji Tap Pro.Read more

How to Create a Class & Add Learners

How to Create Sub-accounts for your Learners on Ji Tap Download the PDF to print out for your convenience. The easiest way to create student accounts, or sub-accounts, is for one teacher (or the tech person at your school) to create all the sub-accounts via the “upload full class” option. To access that option, have theRead more

How to invite sub-accounts and accept an invitation

This tutorial shows you how to invite your learners (sub-accounts) to join a class and how they can accept an invitation to join a class in Ji Tap.Read more

Ji Tap – Create, Play & Inspire – Jewish games in minutes

DISCOVER & PLAY lessons, ideas, games and templates made by Jewish teachers, parents and children CREATE your own interactive Jewish games using Ji Collections – Jewish holiday themes, Jewish texts, sound clips and animations SHARE your creations with a worldwide Jewish community & engage your students with JudaismRead more

How To Use The New Talk Or Type Feature on Ji Tap

Play the video below to learn about our new Talk or Type feature. Please note that the Talk feature only works on the app, and only if Siri is activated on your iPad. Because users will be playing games on both the site and app, please make sure your activity allows users to both talkRead more

How to Use Ji Tap

Play the video tutorial above to learn how you can create Jewish and Hebrew educational games and lessons using Ji Tap.Read more

Step-by-step: Creating a user profile

Play the tutorial above to learn how to create a user profile on Ji Tap.Read more

How to Ensure Your Child’s/Student’s Safety

Your child or student should not login to Ji Tap with your parent/teacher account, and they should only log in via a sub-account that you create for them. Make sure your students/children do not include too much revealing information about the themselves when they create games on Ji Tap. For example, if their first name is theirRead more

Can I keep my game private?

You can decide to make your game private after it has been created. Keep in mind that while a private game is unlisted and won’t appear in the search, people with the link will be able to play it.Read more