How to Assign Games and Track Progress

This tutorial shows teachers and parents how to assign games and track progress on Ji Tap Pro.Read more

How to Create a Class & Add Learners

How to Create Sub-accounts for your Learners on Ji Tap Download the PDF to print out for your convenience. The easiest way to create student accounts, or sub-accounts, is for one teacher (or the tech person at your school) to create all the sub-accounts via the “upload full class” option. To access that option, have theRead more

How to invite sub-accounts and accept an invitation

This tutorial shows you how to invite your learners (sub-accounts) to join a class and how they can accept an invitation to join a class in Ji Tap.Read more

How can I accept an invitation to a learning group?

  First, the user that created the group needs to invite you to the group by following this process: -click on the name of the group. -click on Members. -type in your email address or username and then click Invite. Once a user invites you via your email address, you will get an email notificationRead more

Tutorial for Kids: Logging in and Joining Ji Tap Classes

This tutorial shows students or kids how to login and join classes on Ji Tap.Read more