Update to Image Search on Ji Tap

We’ve improved our image search to make creating even easier!

Image search now includes:

Royalty Free images: add images to your Ji Tap activities without worrying about copyright infringements
Clipart images: search for clipart to fit the design of your game
Line drawings for coloring activities: create coloring activities for students to complete

We would also like to point out that you can also easily add any images you’d like to use by saving them to your iPad from the web, and uploading them to Creation Tool by following these steps:

-Find an image on the web that you’d like to use in your game.
-Tap and hold on the image until you see a pop-up message saying Save Image or Copy.
-Tap on Save Image. Now the image is saved under Camera Roll/Gallery on your iPad
-Tap on the camera icon in the Creation Tool, then on Albums, and then Cameral Roll. Then click on the image you have saved that you’d like to use in your game.

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