Ji Tap for Tishrei


Ji Tap for Tishrei

6 reasons you should download Ji Tap this Tishrei...

Tap for Tishrei

Whether you’re a kid, parent or a passionate 21st century teacher, Ji Tap will get you set and ready for Tishrei!

Here are just a few of the many amazing things you can do with Ji Tap!


1. Shanah Tovah to You

I don’t know about you, but I find homemade Rosh Hashanah cards the best. Ji Tap has got some great templates and modern images that will help you jazz up your very own New Year’s greetings.  Use the ‘Greetings Cards’ pack and assign your students with this worksheet to learn the famous Rosh Hashanah greeting using ‘Tap ‘n Type’. Alternatively you can insert a video with Shanah Tovah wishes from Israel with the ‘Play a Video’ option.

2. Name that sound

Ji Tap has so many cool features, one of which is creating a game with sounds- you could even record yourself blowing a real Shofar!

Use the ‘Sound Board’ function to teach the sounds of the Shofar.

3. What's on the menu?

Rosh Hashanah without Apple and honey is like a birthday without balloons!

Ji Tap has got it covered – with our very own SIMANIM creation pack you can go wild with making a Rosh Hashanah food game.

Teach the Rosh Hashanah Simanim – assign your students this Simanim worksheet and ask them to fill in the words using the Tap ‘n Type function.

4. Yom Kippur

When it comes to Yom Kippur there is often so much to learn with so little time to teach it. The Tefilot of the day, customs and the Story of Yonah…

..Why not let Ji Tap help you to create a game that’ll teach everything from one place. Use ‘Shape puzzle to piece together the themes of the day.

5. Story Time

Create an interactive storybook of Yonah using the ‘Say something’and ‘Sound board’ functions.

6. Arba Minim Mania

Test your students’ knowledge with a quiz all about Sukkot and the Arba Minim. Simply add pictures from the Sukkot creation pack, tap add game and the ‘Ask a question’ function. Add as many or as little as you like – you’ll make a great game for a starter or plenary.

Let’s not forget about Simchat Torah too!

Having said all that, Ji Tap is an app where you can share your creations with others all over the world. It could be that someone has already made a game that’s just perfect for you!


So beat the resource rush and Tap for Tishrei with Ji Tap!

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