Frequently asked questions

Devices & Internet

On which devices is Ji Tap available?

iPad, iPhone, desktop

Can I create games on all devices?

You can create games on an iPad only, but you can play the games on iPhone, iPad or desktop.

Can I use Android devices?

Not at the moment. This platform will be available in the future.

Can I use Chrome devices?

You can use only the desktop features in Chrome, so you can play the games, but not create.

Can I use Ji Tap without an internet connection?

Ji Tap works in offline mode, but with limitations.
If you are offline:
– The discovery, feed, and profile will not work.
– Previously downloaded games can be played.
– You will not be able to create anything using Ji Tap stickers and Sefaria (Torah texts).

Ji Tap Features

What are the new features in Ji Tap?

Dedicated sticker collections to match your curriculum – Jewish holiday themes, Illustrations, animations and music!
Sefaria – add Jewish text in a tap – Torah, Mishna, Prayers, Hagada and more

Can I add my own photos and resources to the games I create?

Yes! In addition to the rich collections, you are able to import photos and other resources into your games. You can search for images online, or take your own photos.

Sharing Games

Can keep my game private?

You can decide to make your game private after it has been created ( Keep in mind that while a private game is unlisted and won’t appear in the search, people with the link will be able to play it.

How can I share my game?

Once you have created your game, a pop up appears asking if you would like to share your game. You can choose how to share from the choices available: to Facebook, Twitter or email.

Can I share / publish my students’ games?

Yes. Make the game public. In addition, you can share via Facebook, Twitter or email.

How do I create a class group?

Select from active users in Ji Tap
Manually add new users
Import an excel sheet with your class’s details


How many students can I invite to participate in any session/s I would like to assess?

It depends on the Insights account you have: from 5 (basic account) to 40 students (premium account).

Is there a limit to the sessions I can share and assess with the students?

No, you can share with a registered student account (that you invited) as many sessions as you would like.

Can I incorporate Insights into the school's general system/ assessment?

Insights is used individually by the teachers and for the specific needs of their materials and sessions rather than on a school system level.

Can I invite others to view my students' performance?

Yes, you are able to invite other guardians to view the performance of your students and share the data with them.

What can I do if I detect one of the students' low performance and would like to offer additional help using Insights?

You can always access an individual student’s account (that you invited to Insights) and offer this particular student additional sessions or materials to follow.

What happens if the computer goes offline while using Insights?

As long as you are connected to the internet at the beginning of the session to allow your computer to connect to your Insights sessions, you can continue working offline.

Safe Environment

How does Ji Tap protect my kids from surfing the internet / privacy?

There is a parental gate for the following features: Internet search, sharing with a friend, and App sharing.

Can kids communicate with each other on the app?

No, they cannot chat. But they can follow other users and ‘like’ other users’ creations.

How old should kids be before they use Ji Tap?

To play games, anyone aged 2-99!
To create games and use advanced features, the child would need reading skills. We recommend from age 6 upwards, but it depends on the developmental level of the child.

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